Nurit Pagi

A freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Works for the Hi-Tech, Food, Finance, Construction and Fashion industry worldwide.

Learned Comics at St. Luc Academy in Brussels. Published 2 comic stories in the anthology “Le Neuvieme Rêve”, Édition Magic Strip. Participated in a comic’s exposition in the Israel Museum.

Worked as an art director in advertising agencies in Tel-Aviv and Haifa. Taught graphic design in various colleges in Haifa.

MA in Creative Writing and PhD from the department of comparative literature of Haifa University for the thesis: “From Ideological to Poetic Change: Ethics, Politics and Poetics in the literary works of Max Brod.”

Certified tourist guide in English, French and German.

Prizes and Scholarships:

  • Prize for outstanding achievements, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
  • Scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation
  • The Israeli Publishers prize (Otot) for an outstanding election campaign
  • Scholarship from Haifa Municipality and Haifa University to study in Luminy University, Marseille, France
  • Scholarship from Bucerius institute to study in Tübingen University, Germany
  • Scholarship from David Herzog Foundation to study in Graz University, Austria
  • Prize from Leo-Baeck Institute, Jerusalem



  • I worked with Nurit for a long time and while doing different jobs as a brand manager for the Israeli and International markets. Nurit is one of the finest designers we have in Israel; she understands perfectly all the cultural and marketing aspects of the graphic message and gives them an exact and focused visual expression.
    On top of that, Nurit is a very nice person who is very fun working with, discussing together with and deciding right.  During our work together we won a prize for a pack design and we got a splendid feedback on different works.
    With the clients that got branding services from us are Africa-Israel investments, Migdal insurance, Agis pharmaceutical, SodaStream and more. Even now, when most of my business activity is in the USA I enjoy Nurit’s graphic design services.

    Braunstein Dvora, CEO, Ma-Belle World Fashion, USA

  • I worked with Nurit Pagi when I was a Design and Production manager in Soda-Club for seven years. During this period Nurit worked as our chief freelance designer, and designed packages, logos, brochures, inserts and all our products’ marketing material for the international market.
    It has been a great pleasure working with Nurit! She’s a talented and ultra- professional designer, she has an excellent marketing understanding so she could supply us with an answer and a graphic solution to every request. Above we got an amazing service! Patience, availability, responsibility and the capability to succeed in the tightest timetable.   From all the designer I worked with I enjoyed the most working with Nurit! I recommend every firm to hire her services. Thank you Nurit!

    Kenigsberger Avivit, Design and Production Manager, Soda-Club Ltd.

  • It’s a pleasure working with Nurit. She has an aesthetic instinct and an unusual understanding in marketing. She’s very creative, contributes many ideas, and on the other hand gets along with the client’s ideas. All that leads to perfect results.

    The design line that she outlined serves all the way including our e-commerce site. Even though we’re a relatively small firm we received a reputation of being very impressive, much of it thanks to her design work.

    Pardo Teddy, CEO, TeddyPardo High-End Audio Systems

  • To design the logo, Nurit got an explanation from us about the technology and a general briefing of the message and atmosphere we required. The translation that Nurit did between these and the graphic element was great – beautiful, clean and clear, very innovative on one side and everlasting on the other hand. During the years we always got many compliments about the logo from people coming from different countries and backgrounds (Japan through Europe till the USA). We were very pleased and if there’ll be another project we’ll be happy to choose Nurit again.

    Eliav Dan, VP Product & Business Development, Genoa Color Technologies Ltd.

  • When I established my firm, I asked Nurit Pagi (after a recommendation) to design a logo, business card and a brochure for me. Nurit’s great design is still with us after 10 years!

    Since then, whenever we need a marketing material we turn to Nurit. Every request is handled by her with patience and skill, with the utmost speed while giving me the feeling she cares about the project as much as I do.

    Nurit is at the top of my suppliers list and in my heart… I warmly recommend her!

    Bank Noam, CEO, Arutzim Beteva, Touring and Challenging Excursions in nature

  • Nurit is a skilled and intelligent designer and her design style is current and up-to-date. She has excellent relationship skills and a rare ability to create a visual dialog in any marketing category. She has natural curiosity and the competence to get involved and contribute in any commercial and media project.

    She made a personal impact and contributed to many projects that I handled, between them building companies, commercial centers, food companies, communication firms and political campaigns.

    Braunstein Zvi, CEO, Impact Publicity Ltd.