From Ideological to Poetic Change; Ethics, Politics and Poetics in the literary works of Max Brod (PhD thesis)

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At the outset of this work stands the desire to shed light on the immeasurable and varied literary and philosophical work of the German-speaking Jewish writer Max Brod. Brod was born in 1884 in Prague, came to Palestine as a refugee in 1939 and died in Tel-Aviv in 1968. Although he worked for almost 30 years as a dramatic adviser to the Habima theater and wrote articles and short stories for Israeli newspapers, he was never widely accepted as an ‘Israeli’ writer. One of the first to publicly praise the post-war ‘New Germany’, Brod was torn between his cultural and national homelands. However, his ability to maintain such a diversified and contradictory identity - an ability he turned into a ‘Two-Track’ ideology (Zweigleisigkeit) - makes his creation fascinating, unique and overwhelmingly relevant to the Israeli reality.